Friday, August 8, 2008

fun at emma claire's

today, we went over to emma claire's to swim and release some energy since we were cooped up yesterday because of the rain. while we were on the way over, william asked me if emma claire had a slide at her pool. when i said no, he suggested that we go back to our house and bring the one from our backyard to put beside her pool. good thing i was a hit!

william taught emma claire a few bad habits while we were there. (you can thank me later, jim.)

here he is showing off for the ladies.

graci had to think about the diving board. it was fun to sit on, but she wasn't too sure she wanted to jump off of it.

our day at the pool ended when william decided to bust his chin on the pool wall. it was apparently very traumatic!! he wouldn't let me look at it, wouldn't let me put a band-aid on it, wouldn't quit screaming at me to get the band-aid away from him. when we got home, i finally got a glimpse of it. it was fairly small but there was still a gash, and i didn't have a clue if he needed stitches or not. it is under his chin and not in a very obvious place, so chase and i decided to skip the ER. if it leaves a funky scar, nobody will be able to see it anyway unless he shows them. so we tried the liquid bandage. he hated it. tried the butterfly bandage. too big. so we went with three small band-aids. and, of course, a mater band-aid to top it all off and make it look cool. (please excuse the mustard on his face.)

this was from a few days earlier, but here i present to you the future dr. and mrs. william henson.

ok, so maybe we have high aspirations for the future occupation. but, if he doesn't want to follow in his daddy's footsteps that will be just fine. i hear that the UPS man gets great benefits!

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Lance and DK said...

sorry about the chin. probably the first of many. give it a kiss for me. kakki