Monday, August 25, 2008

end of summer fun

william's summer officially comes to an end this week as he heads back to school. of course, i guess a 3 year old's freedom never really ends. it's not like he does anything except play, eat and sleep every or no school. nonetheless, we have been making the most of the last few days of summer vacation.

we ate lunch and spent the afternoon swimming at braxton and jack's house this week. after pizza, pb&j, capri-suns, and enough animal crackers to feed an army, they were more than ready to go. (bribing with cookies always helps to get the troops to sit still on the steps and look at the camera!)

this is wes' "i don't care how much fun this is...i'm hot and tired...take me to my comfy bed in that air-conditioned room of mine" look! luckily, daddy came and rescued him shortly after this picture!

a few days before, we went to the park to get outside because it was a beautiful 85 degrees! and, william wanted to feed the "ducks."

he wasn't too keen on the "ducks" once they jumped out of the water and started chasing him to get some more bread.

i say "ducks" because i'm not sure that these feathered animals are actually ducks. they look part duck, part goose, part turkey. and, they are super dooper ugly. except for this guy...he was kinda cute!

these guys were cute, too...

unfortunately, the sunny weather left us, and it has been raining here for days. we check the radar frequently and get out during breaks in the weather when we can.

the little people don't care. they are loving the puddles!

but, even if we don't get a break in the weather, we still play. william's new favorite obsession (and i do mean obsession) is Hi-Ho Cherry-O! he's actually quite good at it. he spins, counts, and puts his cherries where they are supposed to go.

he has won every game that we've played. of course, he may be sneaking cherries into his basket because while he is counting, i'm too busy to trying to get wes to not eat the little plastic balls so we don't have to take another trip to the ER.

bring on the school year! and a little sunny weather wouldn't hurt either!!


Lance and DK said...

i'm truly hurt that i did not get any credit for teaching #1 how to play hi ho cherry-o. i must have played 200 times (hyperbole) with him the week he stayed with us. poppa then taught him how to play battle. the face cards were a bit confusing but he loved to clap no matter who won. you know i love to play a game! kakki

Lance and DK said...

#1 does not cheat! kakki