Wednesday, December 2, 2015

thanksgiving at school

all of my people had some sort of thanksgiving shindig at school.  the only one that i got pictures of was reed.  he was the only one who had to dress up, so i made my camera a priority for him.  my other two have always been indians, so this was my very first pilgrim.  doesn't he look thrilled?

for his project, he made a spoonball course.  for your enlightenment, spoonball was an early form of croquet that the pilgrims taught the indians how to play.  we had very fancy arches made from coat hangers and each kid got their very own stick and ball.  (that probably wasn't the best idea that i've ever had, but this all boy class thought it was great!)

and, in case you didn't know, only the cool pilgrims wear their hats like this.

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