Thursday, December 24, 2015

last day of the semester

we started celebrating the beginning of christmas break last week with the last day of school for 2015 on thursday!  i had some excited people who were actually very willing to get out of bed that morning! 

william once again had a little concert before school.  i don't know how he got the job of providing the christmas music every year, but he loves it.  and he did a fabulous job with all of his carols and hymns. 

he even had a groupie this year!  most everyone comes in and listens to a song or two and then goes on to class.  this little boy rested his head on the piano and stayed there for the entire 30 minutes.  he never moved.  it was really cute! 

reed's class acted out luke 2 and threw in some hymns and a few little extras.  reed was the angel of the lord.  he had the hiccups during his part, but he still made sure that those shepherds got the message!

and then they partied.

and those sweet little angels turned into crazy people having an indoor snowball fight.  (note: teachers deserve this christmas break!)

wes had a party, too.  his party included reindeer antlers, charlie brown, and lots of sugar.  that would be a success in his book.   

half the year down, half to go.  is it too early to start the countdown to summer?

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