Tuesday, December 8, 2015

thanksgiving at the beach

i know it's december and everyone has moved into christmas mode (somebody help me...not my favorite time of year), but i need to back up and give thanksgiving a shout out.  we spent the week at the beach with the entire henson side of the fam. 

it was a little cool the first two days, but the rest of the week was toasty warm and in the 70s. 

the heated pool was a hit again.  all day long.  every day. 

we had lunch in seaside one day and spent the afternoon playing in the sun. 

(reed in the middle of breaking his legs while showing off his whip/nae nae.)

we also played at alys beach one day before having lunch at george's.  yum!

late one afternoon, chase and i took our crew to play laser tag.  we had a blast!  it was only 7 minutes per round, but it's a great way to work up a sweat in those 7 minutes!!  and for the record, this delta girl put a whoopin' on everybody and led the way with the most kills by almost double.  ahem.  thank you very much!  :)

there was also a mirror maze.  i'm not as good at mirror mazes as i am with a weapon.  but it was fun (funny?) to watch my kids try to figure it out!

we hit up downtown rosemary beach because no trip would be complete without a visit to the sugar shack.  (at least according to wes...)

and of course there was plenty of beach time!


there were multiple card games daily.  uncle frank taught us new games, and uncle chase isn't above making little kids cry when they don't follow the rules!!! 

there were water balloon fights.

and lots and lots of food was consumed!

we have all since recovered, and now we are ready to hang with these people again over christmas break!  hopefully those little people grow some tough skin between now and then because i hear that uncle chase is bringing his card-playing game face with him! 

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