Thursday, September 27, 2012


i've pretty much tried out every sport available at one time or another.  all the typical sports were fun, and you should see me play badminton.  :)  but growing up, swimming was not an option in the delta.  at least not in my part of the delta.  of course, i spent many afternoons in a pool and even quite a few on a kneeboard behind a four-wheeler on a catfish pond (don't judge), but competitive swimming was just not available.  that's probably good anyway, because i'm better at any sport that involves a ball.  that seems to be the trend, anyhow....minus that one unfortunate cross-country season.  i want to throw up just thinking about it!  (for any high school girls reading this: don't run cross-country just because there is a cute boy that runs.  just save yourself the agony and go to the meet and cheer him on.  lesson learned.)

that being said...william swam in his first swim meets over the past week.  this was a totally new experience for me.  it was complete chaos we when walked in that first meet.  thank goodness for mr. rusty (william's bff's dad), or i would have turned around walked right out!  he got right to work highlighting their names on the heat sheet, writing their event numbers on their arms with sharpies and getting them where they needed to be.  whew!  i have to admit that i'm not sure i am a swim meet type of mom.  it is more or less a track meet with water....which means there is a WHOLE LOT of just sitting around.  i'd much prefer to watch my kids play a tennis match or play golf, but i guess i'll get used to it if he chooses to continue this.  we'll see what the next few years bring!

for the first meet, we traveled to oxford and swam at the indoor pool on the ole miss campus.  the cheering section was ready.  they were full of junk food, but they were definitely ready!

stud muffins!

waiting in the bullpen...
(knox, william, wyatt)

(michael, harrison, william, wyatt, noah)

3rd leg of the relay...ready to go!

individually, he swam the 25m freestyle and the 25m backstroke.

i videoed one race this meet.  it's the 25m freestyle.  he came in 3rd, and he loved every minute of it!
25m freestyle

william - 25m freestyle from laura henson on Vimeo.

this morning, we hosted a meet here in town at the city pool.  the cheering section was slim this time since it was a school morning, and i'm not really sure he was even cheering....but he was there!!  that counts right?!?

warming up.

waiting to swim freestyle.




he swam the 25m backstroke again, too.

and we came home with a bunch of 3rd place ribbons.  he had a great time swimming for his school, and he had some pretty cool friends to do with it as well!

but now...let's bring on the tennis rackets and golf clubs.  (please?!?!?)  :)

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Heather Wood said...

Go William!
I also remember limited swimming while in Cleveland. I do remember a late night at the country club in the golf course pond. . . but those details probably aren't appropriate for a family blog! Miss you guys. Good luck with the rest of swim season.