Wednesday, September 5, 2012

his turn

it's september, and william and wes are into their school routine.  and by routine, i mean william jumps up and makes his bed and heads downstairs to eat breakfast.  wes grumbles because he doesn't want to get up and "i'm still tiiiii-yerd!"  in all fairness, he has done much better about getting up this year.  i might have had to tell him to get up more than once, but i haven't had to drag him out of bed yet!!  and, he hasn't complained once about making his bed.  i'm hoping that means that he's loving kindergarten, but at any's progress.  and for the last month while we've been progressing, reed has just gone with flow.  he gets up with william and wes or not, tags along with me to kroger, hangs out on the golf course, or just entertains himself at home.  but today...he got in on the back to school routine!  labor day has come and gone which means every preschool in town started this week.  and this little dude was excited!

i pulled up in the carpool line, and he climbed up in the front seat and said, "go, mama!"  no hesitation whatsoever.  he really is an easy kid.  at least at this moment in time.  maybe it's a third kid thing, or maybe it's just that it was a familiar place, but either way...i'll take it!!

one of our favorite teachers (the one who got us out of the car every morning for the past 5 years) isn't there anymore.  he took one look as i rounded the corner, and said, "that's not miss missy."  it made me sad, but i'm sure he'll love the new carpool lady too (don't know her name yet).  and if you're reading this miss missy...we miss you!!  it's not the same without you!

anyway, he climbed in the car when i picked him up and said that he ate a bus cookie, played with sadie, rode a bike in the gym, and sang the "aldigator" song.  sounds like a perfect day.  i don't think i'll have any problem getting him to go back!  bye-bye, summer!!

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