Tuesday, September 11, 2012

golf buddies

william and his friend, madelyn, played golf together this spring and summer.  i'm not sure if he loved the golf or the madelyn more, but either way...his golf game got better!!  considering both of them have parents who practically live on the golf course, i don't see either of them giving this game up anytime soon.

check out that follow through!

his cross-handed putting grip.  maybe i need to get him to teach me a thing or two!

helping madelyn read her putt!

i don't know what they were doing or discussing in the golf cart, but it was apparently pretty funny!

i can't wait to compare these pictures to the ones of them playing together in high school!  :) 

madelyn had to take the fall off because of cheerleading or gymnastics or some girl activity that i will never know anything about!  hopefully, we'll have a warm winter and still be able to play a good bit.  but i know he'll be happy when spring rolls around and they can get back out there together again.

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Anne Flanagan said...

Love this post. They both are so cute! You are right...it will be fun to compare pics in the years to come.