Sunday, September 9, 2012


we stayed excited all weekend!

we started out friday morning celebrating honey's birthday.  honey and g spent thursday night, so she got to wake up to balloons, powdered donuts, presents, and our awesome off-key rendition of happy birthday!

william guessed that she was 63, wes guessed 21, and reed guessed 100.  i think wes is on her favorite list for the time being!

then we made it to starkville to watch the bulldogs beat auburn for the first time in what feels like forever!  it was so nice to be able to sit through a 4th quarter and just relax and enjoy the win!  plus, it was a billion degrees cooler than it was the previous weekend.  that was a huge bonus!  this picture cracks me was taken right before the bottom of william's chair ripped and he fell right through it! all 3 thought it was pretty funny!  :)

then, wes lost another tooth.  not that you can really see it in this picture, but he was excited!!

and then william threw in a little more excitement by slicing his head open and ending up with stitches!

he was jumping and hit his head on a part of the basketball goal.  at least that is what he said happened! it was at our neighbor's house, and he came home leaving a trail of blood the entire way.  the garage looks like a crime scene!!  head wounds can bleed, people!!  even if the cut doesn't look that big!  take my word for it!  the funny part was that even though he was drenched in blood and obviously hurting, he wouldn't come inside because he didn't want to make a mess!!  he stood at the backdoor screaming and ringing the doorbell like a madman!!  which of course meant that there was blood all over the door, the wall, the doormat, etc.  after we got him cleaned up (the garage is chase's job for tomorrow), it was obvious that he needed stitches by the way that it was flapping open.  so chase took him, and he said he was nervous and hesitant until he realized that stitches weren't put in by a giant sewing machine!  i guess that's what you get for having a grandmother that sews!  so....then he was calm and played angry birds the entire time that he had his head sewed up.  afterwards, he and his daddy went to get supper at connie's (his favorite chicken joint that we never really go to), so he thought the whole incident was pretty cool!  his hair covers it up completely, so you can't see it at all, but he's been sure to show everybody and tell them that it doesn't hurt to get stitches! i'm thrilled that he had such a great experience because i have a feeling that it won't be the last!  :)

and with that, i'm going to bed.  i've had all the excitement that i can stand for one weekend!

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