Thursday, September 20, 2012

scenes from a wedding

we headed down to plaquemine, louisiana for chase's cousin's wedding last weekend.  long trips in the car are not the most fun thing in the world with a 7, 5, and 3 year old.  therefore, chase will tell you that the $13 he spent on a star wars sticker book that kept them occupied the ENTIRE way was totally worth it.  i'm not a fan of anakin, droids, yoda, r2d2, and whatever else i've been subjected to, but if they will give me that much peace in the car...i just might grow to love it!!  :)  

we made the most of everyone being dressed up all at the same time and took some pictures before we headed in the church.  we had wet sleeves and wet bellies, but thankfully none of mine got fully submerged in the fountain!  

i don't know if anybody reading this has ever been to a cajun wedding.  or maybe it's not a cajun thing. maybe it's just an everywhere but here thing.  anyway....they have the money dance at cajun receptions.  apparently there is some unspoken rule that you can't cut the cake until they do the money dance.  my kids were like vultures around the cake tables waiting on the cake.  in their minds, you go to a wedding for the cake afterwards...and that's all they wanted. 2 hours after what would normally be his bedtime wes got his cake.  after eating it, he immediately sat up against the wall and fell asleep.  we took that as our cue to head to the hotel!

william didn't last much longer!

so...if anybody reading this is getting married soon, can you arrange for it to take place at some time in the afternoon???  the party animals over here just can't hang otherwise!  :)

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