Monday, May 2, 2011

pain and prayer

i'm lying here in the bed typing with one hand.  this morning i had surgery to repair the torn ligament in my right hand.  yes...same thing i've been dealing with since february.  and yes, church basketball has seen the last of me.

the pain is just now becoming somewhat tolerable.  WOW...the pain.  i did not anticipate this afternoon being so bad.  chase told me i was still asleep in recovery with tears rolling down my face.  when the dilaudid didn't touch the pain, i guess i should have known what was coming.  oh well, my alarm clock will be set every 4 hours through the night tonight to pop a few pills...that's for sure!

i'm not trying to have a pity party or make anybody feel sorry for me.  i say all this because i know my situation pails in comparison to my friends.  remember the gillons?

justin was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in february.  last week he had a successful embolization that cut off the blood supply to his tumor.  tomorrow morning at 530 they will arrive at vanderbilt to have it removed.  it's a 10 hour surgery.  my heart is heavy for them.  heavy for justin and what he will undergo.  heavy for kim for what she will undergo.  heavy for noah and katherine for what they will undergo.  heavy but hopeful.

last week, i was driving william to school on a nasty, rainy morning.  wes was singing "rain, rain go away."  william piped up, "but, i like the rain!"  when i asked him why he replied, "because it waters the flowers and it makes stuff grow."  amen.  nothing like getting preached to by a 5 year old. and justin, i pray that when this storm is over and even while you are walking in the midst of it you will be able to praise god for his protection and bringing you through it.  and when you look back on this rainy season in the months and years to come, i hope you see just how much he made you "grow."

i know i'll be awake for much of the night, so i'll be praying for y'all lots.  to everybody else that's reading this...please lift them up as well.

psalm 121

i will lift up my eyes to the hills,
from where does my help come?
my help comes from the lord,
maker of heaven and earth.

he will not let your foot slip.
he who watches over you will not slumber.
indeed, he who watches over israel 
will neither slumber nor sleep.  

the lord will watch over you.
he is your shade at your right hand.
the sun will not harm you by day
nor the moon by night.

the lord will keep you from all harm.
he will watch over your life.
the lord will watch over your comings and goings 
both now and forever more.

(if i messed that scripture up, i'm sorry.  i'll read it tomorrow under less medication and fix it if need be.)


Lisa Trotter said...

Been out of touch with the Blogging world and the Henson blog.....but as always, you do an amazing job and I will be praying for your friends tonight!!!Love to Chase and the boys!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl - I just tried to call you since I saw you posted this just a few minutes ago. Sorry for calling so late! I'm sorry you're going through such terrible pain. You are in my prayers. As well as Justin, Kim & their beautiful children. Call me if you're up and you want t tell somehow how much it hurts. Love you! Holly

Anonymous said...

Laura, you are precious. Justin and I should be asleep but we had to read your blog. Such an encouragement to our hearts. I hope you feel better tomorrow. Oh, you will be fine by Hayley says, "No worries."

Time for Lunch said...

That is my favourite psalm, which I turn to whenever I'm feeling low. Thank you for posting it.

I prayed for your friends back when you first posted about their situation, and I will continue to do so. I hope your ligament heals quickly, it sounds incredibly painful.

(And I'm not sure if I've commented before, I think I have... if not, hello! Actually I'm fairly certain I have but hello anyway.)