Monday, February 28, 2011

while i'm on the topic of prayer...

since i was dishing out prayer requests in my last post, i figured i'd keep it up and dish out one more.

meet the gillons.

this sweet family goes to our church, too.  the daddy is justin.  he and chase coach t-ball together.  last month, they discovered that he has a brain tumor.  as i type this, they are sitting in a hospital room in nashville at vanderbilt where he is about to undergo the gamut of tests to figure out how best to proceed.

the middle one is kim.  (hayley is on the right for those of y'all interested!)  she's the wife.  the mom of two small kids.  the one keeping everything together.

saturday, we spent the afternoon loving on their oldest child, noah, and celebrating his 5th birthday at the fire station.

even though i know most of  y'all don't know them, can y'all please love on them now and pray for them?  travel mercies for them...wisdom for the doctors taking care of him...overwhelming peace for whatever the future looks like.  just take your pick!  i know they appreciate it!!

thanks, blog-o-sphere!!


Anonymous said...

Will do.

Edi McIlwain said...

Your friends are now on my prayer list.

Lance and DK said...

raising them up right now. keep us posted.

Anne Flanagan said...

I'm on it. (You are a relly good friend to a whole lot of people, Laura. Bless you.)

Anonymous said...

They have been on my mind yesterday and today and I am praying. Let us hear honey