Saturday, February 26, 2011

pizza and prayer

this is patrick and amy o'mara.

(photo by ceresa caudill)

he graduated from med school with chase. she's my workout partner. they go to our church.   you get the picture.

that itty, bitty baby girl with the chubby cheeks in the picture is evelyn.  she's their daughter.  and as of 720am tomorrow morning, they will be headed to south korea to bring her home.  it's been a long, hard process.  there have been bumps in the road.  tears.  more bumps.  more tears.

and now we shed more tears.  happy tears.  because after the almost 2 years this process has taken, they are a few short days away from becoming a family of 3!

and friday night, a few of us gathered to eat pizza and rejoice with amy for the last time before she officially has no time on her hands!  because did i mention it has been a long time coming?!?

a quick apology to anna polsgrove and nicole kilman...who arrived after the picture was taken!

after we ate and talked and laughed and cried, we all went back to evelyn's room and lifted them up in prayer.  you'd think we would know by now that somebody should have passed out the kleenex beforehand.

so....since i know that i have quite a few praying people who read this blog, i'm asking y'all to please pray for them this week.  for travel mercies in a foreign land, for health, for all the details to run smoothly, for evelyn as she begins a whole new life, and that the transition home would be an easy one.  and for half of north mississippi as we travel to memphis to see them step off of that plane next sunday!!  i can't wait to share that picture with the blog-o-sphere!

her blog should be kept up to date with pictures and news while they are gone (at least it better be!!), so you can click on "the o'maras" on my side bar to follow them on this journey!  to god be the glory!


Anonymous said...

Will be praying for them.

Lance and DK said...

our church is praying. and me, too.