Monday, February 14, 2011

dance party

the other day, i hear william in the kitchen...

"i wanna celebrate and live my life. sayin' hey-o. baby, let's go!"

me: "what are you singing?!?"

william: "it's that song. you know. can you download it?"

can i download it? my 5 year old is asking me to download it. hello, 2011.

so yeah...i downloaded it for him. sad to say, but i think his taste in music has been influenced by one too many trips to the skating rink! :) ok, in all fairness, they do play this at msu basketball games, but homeboy really knows all the words. yay.

i was in the den that same night, and i hear music coming from my bedroom. that same 5 year old knows how to work my computer better than i do. great. they were having a post bath dance party. reed can get down.

dynamite from laura henson on Vimeo.

and now i have to go because wes is hiding in the pantry with my phone playing angry birds. please come back, 1980s!!


patrick and amy said...

Love it!

brandy and bear said...


The Warren Clan said...

that is my boys favorite song too!!! braxton is crackin up that william is in his boxers....he does the same thing!!!

Paige said...

I have to admit that we love that song also. We listen to it on Kidz Bop 19. Does William get his moves from his dad? Love the boxers!! He is going to kill you when you show this at his rehersal supper.

Anne Flanagan said...

The Will Man has some moves, now! I especially like how he rocks it at the 12 - 20 second mark. Underwear and a watch.... he's ready.

Andrew and Edi McIlwain said...