Tuesday, May 10, 2011

adding to the injured list

exactly one week ago, wes started feeling sorry for me.  he didn't want me to be the only one injured around here.  according to him, he "was wunnin' and i wan into a table."  this little episode resulted in this...

(sorry it's a little blurry.  i was still highly medicated at the time...all the camera buttons looked the same.)

one week later (and not in the mood for a picture), it looks like this...

why is it bigger and bloodier, you ask?  well, that's because he has busted it open 3 times since the table.  3 times.  i wasn't aware he hit his head this much.  y'all remind me of this in the coming years...it could explain a lot!

i was hoping that after the 3rd bust he learned a valuable lesson: don't headbutt your brother (at least when your forehead is in this condition).  however, seeing them on the slide earlier makes me think that learned lesson never was learned.  so...maybe in 6 months or so when it's finally healed, i'll be able to show you the nice, big, ugly scar above his eyebrow.

and after this, i think i now know why god gave him the biggest, bushiest head of hair of any kid i know!


Anne Flanagan said...

When I got to the "why is it bigger and bloodier, you ask?" I started to chuckle out loud. (I know foreshadowing when I see it). Bless his heart.... he is too cute, Laura. I hope your pain is easing up some. Knowing you, staying "down and quiet" is not something that comes easy to you. Hang in there - Wes, too!

Anonymous said...

Poor guy!  Hope he does not hit it again.