Wednesday, May 11, 2011

leaving the 3s behind

today, wes turned 4.  it's been a week-long celebration for him, but his excitement didn't dwindle at all.  this boy loves a birthday...and it's even better if the birthday in question is his!

this morning, he woke up to lots of goodies...

and chocolate donuts!

no birthday for wes would be complete without some cars and trucks!

he celebrated at school yesterday with joey cookies.  (joey is the snake that he sleeps with...are they not the cutest cookies ever???)

i know he was excited despite the look.

we need to work on our camera face!

last week, he got two early birthday presents...a V reader ("just wike weeyum") and his very own tent!  at what age do the boy scout campouts where daddy takes all 3 boys camping for the weekend start?? i'm ready!!!  :)

also, last week he celebrated at a local jumpy place with all of his buddies and a lightning mcqueen cake.  i don't know how we made it out of the bouncy place with all 30 kids still in one piece, but somehow they all survived...even wes' head!

happy birthday, bud!!  hope you sleep great your first night as a 4 year old! i know i sure will!


DK Baria said...

what a special time, wes. love ya bunches. kakki

Coupon Kate said...

What a fun mom you are!! I'm glad he had a great party. :) Happy Birthday Wes!

Anonymous said...

Loved looking at all of these pictures. He's such a cute 4-year old. I wish I could just reach through this computer right now and tussle his hair. Give him a big hug from me. Love, Aunt Holly

DK Baria said...

can't wait to see what the next year brings. kakki

Jana said...

oh what fantastic pictures of the birthday!! i'm so impressed with your capability considering the surgery - you're an incredible mom!! love the tent, too!!