Thursday, May 26, 2011

the rules have changed

we have now reached the midway point of our t-ball/pee-wee/baseball/coach pitch season.  the name is kind of elusive because the rules change half way through the season.  it started out as t-ball, but as of this week...we are in the big leagues.  or coach pitch league.  same difference, right?!?

we got there early for the game this week so all of the little people could get some field time.

and then the two littlest people parked it (at least for a few minutes) to watch the big boys play.

they are so cute!

the bad thing about coach pitch is the bat.  william can crush a wiffle ball with a plastic bat in the backyard, but that metal bat takes some serious umph to get it around by the time the ball arrives.  we have quite a few players with this problem!  :)  but even so, he still managed to get a hit his very first at bat when getting pitched to.  and he even made it all the way home.

his very first at bat in a coach pitch game...

coach pitch from laura henson on Vimeo.

and now i'm going to go find a good protein shake and a weight training regimen for skinny 5 year know, something to help our bat speed!!


Anonymous said...

How much fun that you got it on video. And for the record we tried all that drink stuff on chase!! Not much luck! Honey

Amber said...

Anonymous said...

Better just accept thin for your guys!

DK Baria said...

a preview of many summer evenings to come. can hardly wait to come see a game. kakki