Saturday, August 7, 2010

william's 5th birthday party

 we had a morning full of play, play, and more play.  and then we threw some baseball cake in the mix.  that made for a happy group of little boys...and a few girls!  :) 

then we came home, ate lunch, and he opened everything from watches, a new backpack and lunch box, and legos, to swords, snakes, and everything in between! 

if you can't tell, all this makes for one happy 5 year old! 

*if you are my friend on facebook, check back there in a few days and i'll have all the pictures posted.  i took a lot, and you can check out your kid (or some kid you know) having a ball!  if you are not my friend...shame on you.*

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Thomas & Amber Ryan said...

I cannot believe he is starting Kindergarten!!! wow, LBH... Wow.