Tuesday, August 31, 2010

garden of eden

i think it's safe to say that william didn't get or hasn't yet acquired aunt holly's artistic abilities.  sadly, he was blessed with his parents' genes.  but that doesn't stop him from bringing home artwork from school everyday.  today as i looked through his folder, i found this little gem.  can you tell who that is??

if you can't tell, that is adam and eve in the garden of eden.

"the big one is adam, and the little one is eve.  the blue tree is the one you can eat.  the red tree is the one you can't eat.  they are nekkid because they haven't sinned yet.  that's why i didn't draw a snake.  if there was a snake, and if i erased one of those apples...then they would have already sinned.  and i would have to draw them some clothes."

i just might go frame this one.  and say a little prayer that he will continue to think that this is what "nekkid" looks like for a long, long time.


Lance and DK said...

i am still giggling. this is too good. kakki

Anonymous said...

What a kid! A reason for everything. Honey

Jana said...

Whoa. looks like he inherited his parents' smarts for sure! quite insightful for the little man! know it makes you proud-

Zeb and Anna said...

definitely frame worthy!