Friday, August 13, 2010

nothing like cupcakes at 10am

william got to take cupcakes to school to celebrate his birthday this morning.  wes couldn't understand why william was having another birthday, but when i told him that he could go to school and eat one...he was very excited for his brother's birthday.  again. 

 after spending a little time with his class, i'm thinking that i need to be a kindergarten teacher.  they were all so quiet.  and nice.  and polite.  it was very strange!!  she obviously has the touch.  or she seriously drugged them!  maybe miss dennis will just move in with me.    *sorry it's a little blurry...i didn't change my settings from the day before because i was trying to get this picture before reed pulled that map off of the wall in the back corner!.  you get the idea.*


Zeb and Anna said...

so fun! they are quiet only because it is the first week-just wait!

Lance and DK said...

beautiful class! glad to see wes got to participate.kakki