Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i have a new title.

it's official.  i am now the mom of a kindergartener!  wow.
we had open house at william's school last week to see his room and meet his teacher, miss dennis.

and he was very excited to find out that several people from his sunday school class are in his room.  including allie and knox!  

this week, he started full time.  and of course, i made him pose on his first day! 

and it didn't take him long to shove those hands into his pockets and become a little preppy boy.  (definitely his daddy's genes!)

after talking to my friend, leigh ann, i was fully prepared to have an emotional breakdown on the first day of school.  i had the volume turned up and "i hope you dance" all ready in the cd player of my car.  and a box of kleenex on the console.  but i didn't need any of that.  he was so excited, so it was hard for me to feel too bad.   but don't think it didn't cross my mind that he only has 12 years left at home.  i just kept telling myself that starkville is only an hour away.  we can drive down for supper.  and football games.  and basketball games.  and i better hurry up and teach him how to wash his clothes.

wes wanted to make sure that william could find his room on the first day, so he was by william's side the entire morning.

 and poor wes.  he thought he was starting kindergarten, too.  after we dropped william off, i told him to come on, and he asked, "are we gonna go find my room now?"  after i replied that his school hasn't started yet, he got the sad puppy dog look and asked, "well what am i gonna do today?"  it was pitiful.  he then asked to go to newk's, and i obliged.  he doesn't even like newk's.  he just wanted the breadsticks and sweet tea.  heck, at that point, i would have driven him to florida to meet mickey mouse because i felt so bad for him!!  but he felt much better after a few swigs of sweet tea!! 

and william was happy to report that he colored an owl, played with trains, and played with a transformer.  he also said it was fun and that he'd go back tomorrow.  let's hope it stays that way!! 


Anonymous said...

I am definitely not ready for this.


Kathryn said...

I can't believe that sweet baby is getting so BIG!!!

Leigh Ann said...

I know William will have a GREAT year! Pitiful little Wes will soon adjust. Love the pictures. Will be praying tomorrow:)

Anonymous said...

I thought I might get out the Kleenex but wait - Starkville is I hour closer to me. Honey

Lance and DK said...

i agre with honey; i want to get my kleenex out. it seems those days for you were not so long ago. where does the time go?! william knows he can strike a preppy pose. give wes a kiss for me. kakki