Thursday, August 26, 2010

luigi and guido

a frozen pizza will no longer feed us.  it hasn't been able to feed us for a while.  please say a prayer for me when all these people are teenagers.

anyway, a few nights ago, we decided to make some pizzas.  or rather...luigi and guido decided to make some pizzas.  obviously, they have watched the movie, cars, one too many times, but it still made for good pizza-making names!!

they carefully spread the sauce and cheese.

then they placed the pepperonis.   luigi's were perfectly spaced, and guido's weren't spaced at all!!

but they were yummy, nonetheless!  and we even had 2 pieces left over!  now if i could just figure out how to get leftovers out of every other meal around here...


Anonymous said...

Looks good to G!

Anonymous said...

Now you get to add chefs to the fireman, garbage man, and ups man group. Not bad help! Honey