Sunday, May 16, 2010


william was a pacifier kid.  he only got to use it in the bed, so he couldn't wait to get in the bed at nap and nighttime.  (i know...i'm a genius.)  a few days after he turned two, he bit a hole in the pacifier.  he handed it to me and told me it was broken.  seeing this as an opportunity, i handed it back to him and told him that it was all that we had.  he handed right back to me and said, "well, throw it's broken.  i don't want it."  and that's all there was to it.

since it was that easy with william, i gave wes a pacifier as soon as i could get it in his mouth.  he wasn't having any part of it.  ever.  in his little mind, nothing could compare to his thumb.    it's a shame, but i don't remember who gave us wes' pacifier.  his name is puppy.  he stays in wes' bed, he gets and gives kisses, he snuggles, he gets stories read to him, he gets tucked in, and he gets carried with us everywhere we go on trips.  yes, i have several of them (my little secret) that get swapped out here and there to get a good washing!  he is wes' most prized possession, and the moment he sees puppy, his left thumb goes in his mouth.  bedtime...done.

reed wouldn't take a pacifier either.  despite being given really cute ones personalized with his name, he wasn't having anything other than his thumb.  and since puppy works so well with wes, reed is now the owner of monkey.  (we are very original over here.)  he stays in reed's bed, and as soon as he sees him, his left thumb goes in his mouth.  bedtime...done.

so the other night after baths, reed and wes were sitting in the hall upstairs.  i made chase go get puppy and monkey to see if they would do it at the same time. 

"mom, you mind?  we're in the middle of something here."

all that to say that these things are awesome!  if you have a thumb sucker, and you want an easy bedtime...i'm talking - hand monkey to kid, put him in bed, walk away...get you one of these.  and don't be surprised if you get one of these from me as a baby gift.  diapers, wipes and clothes are for the birds when nighttime can be this easy!!


Anonymous said...

Makes my day!

Heather said...

These pictures are PRECIOUS!!!
Walt's "pacifier" is one of those white "Little Giraffe" blankets. His actually now looks more like a piece of stained, satin fabric that's been ripped into the size of a napkin. But it still works like a charm for naps, rides in the car, sitting through big sister's dance recitals, or bedtime. And his left thumb also goes immediately into his mouth when the "bankie" comes his way.

Thomas & Amber Ryan said...

you walk around with your camera don't you? ;-)

Precious pics, LBH!

Jen said...

love me some thumb suckers...i have 3! all with their lovies in tow!

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