Friday, May 14, 2010

all the hard work paid off

it seems like it's been raining every weekend for the past month.  and when it rains, you can only play inside and read books for so long before one of the brothers gets injured.  so at some point during each rainy period, superman breaks out the wii.

and all of his hard work on the weekends must have paid off because he is now a preschool graduate!  

hopefully 12 years from now, wii sports will not be how he spends his weekends!  and maybe he'll have a diploma to show for it!


Anonymous said...

What a guy!

Bluebird Hill said...

I love that every time I see a picture of William he has on a watch! I'm sure he will be a graduate...he's the first born and we tend to be over-achievers:) He may be like the other Henson boys and get a few diplomas:)

Lance and DK said...

tell william kakki and poppa are so proud of him. i am sure there will be several more graduation exercises in his future. kakki