Sunday, May 30, 2010

front row seats

it's always fun when they start doing dirt work on the new house that is being built right by ours.  especially when the little people will sit outside for hours watching the dump trucks come and go and the bulldozers flatten it out.  seriously...hours. 

all that was missing was some popcorn.  


Lance and DK said...

this is too cute! kakki

Lisa Trotter said...

Ok, several things. First of all, THIS post/picture is hysterical!! LOVE it!! Second, I could stare at your three beautiful boys ALL day!! Third, Reed is about the cutest kid in all the earth - hope my Stephen starts to be that cute!! Fourth, WHERE DID YOU GET HIS PRECIOUS CRAB OUTFIT, in the post a few below?? The orange one with plaid shorts!! I have a "crab" fascination (family history of going crabbing) and I buy all things CRAB!! Need that outfit!! :) That's all. Much love! Lisa