Tuesday, May 18, 2010


it's tough to be reed. 


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Blogger.jinbo said...

CS in the real price of genuine - genuine market is now foreign price in the end be? Now we have to use the CS Counter-Strike weapons in a real investigation to do! Look and the game how much price difference between the gun!
P228 $ 570

Glock18 9mm $ 490.

Beretta 92F, $ 550.

Beretta 92F, $ 550.

M3 Super 90 Entry,lace wedding gowns, $ 1300

XM1014 $ 4900 (as difficult to buy)

MP5A3 say it scared you! People buy a $ 9,300 police officers to buy $ 1400.

AK-47 $ 320 cheap, affordable amount of another foot, we always use it. < br>
SIG 552, $ 1600

M4A1 $ 26000 to buy enough 76 AK-47, not the poor could afford. So expensive is because the folk buy. 30 bullets each, $ 18.

AUG $ 2800 civil guns,simple wedding dresses 2010, and military different, not firing.

HKG-3 (with spy) $ 14,500 because of military auditors note, record the number and delete posts,cheap evening dresses, civil rare, it can be the top 3 from the price of three AWP.

Steyr (Bird spy) $ 2380

M249 No way, got to buy even buy guns The only people who can buy in the United States Department of Defense

on so much. ........! Looks comfortable. .