Friday, May 21, 2010

figuring things out

while chase worked the other night, i decided to get out my photography books that i haven't read yet and try to learn something.

i learned that this camera has approximately 8743 settings.  most of the explanations of each setting use words that either are in some weird photography language or are way over my head.

i learned that i should have taken that photography class with my roommate in college.  it would have been a much better elective than cpr.  (yes, cpr was a class that took an entire semester, and it was a snoozefest.)  live and learn, i guess. 

but after an hour and a half on only two pages, i did learn a few things.  i think.

i can skip around and only focus on what i want to focus on.  and reed is really cute to focus on.

i learned that changing the aperture changes the amount of light that enters the camera and therefore makes the picture darker or lighter.

i learned that reed wasn't quite sure about the grass at first.

but then he got over it. 

i learned that our grass is really green.  (props to chase.)

i learned that william is in need of a haircut.

i learned that i will never be able to get a good picture of all three of these people. 

so see...a fairly productive night.  now if i could just find time to read the next two pages, i might be on to something!


Thomas & Amber Ryan said...

that photography class rocked... but it is good to see you finally came around to my way of thinking. ;-)

Jana said...

i will bake your family cookies every week for a month if you will give me a crash course...when i get my camera like yours, of course! still think you're a fantastic photographer, no matter what you could charge folks (like, in cookie deliveries...)

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Anonymous said...

Best bet in good photography is to have good models and you've got em.