Monday, April 27, 2009

i can feel him, mama!!

william is totally digging the new baby. i had to write that sentence now because i'm not sure if i'll be able to once "new baby" actually arrives.

anyway, he loves to poke, prod, rub, and kiss on my belly all the time. his favorite thing to do is put his ear on my stomach and listen to what "new baby" is saying. he is apparently quite the talker. obviously, he takes after william...

a few days ago, i was lying in the floor (i can't remember why), and william squats down beside me and puts his hand on my belly. "is he moving right now, mama?"

"yeah. just wait a minute, and you can feel him."

"ok. let's see what he tells me." and then he proceeds to put his ear on my belly. at that point, his hand slides north. way more north than where a baby would be located. he starts rubbing. i start laughing.

"i feel him, mama! i can feel him! he's bouncing up and down!"

there's just nothing like being violated by a 3 year old!


Zeb and Anna said...

i'm laughing so hard i can't even think of a comment to leave!

Anonymous said...

i'm speechless. honey

Lisa Trotter said...

okay, I'm peeing in my pants. That is 100% hysterical!! And I'm glad you have it documented!!!! :)

Thomas & Amber Ryan said...

no, i didn't know that... THANKS! are you getting ready to pop?

Sara said...

Brayden is a little confused too. He just grabbed me up top and said, "Hey Baby" and then tried to give the baby a kiss =)