Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter weekend

this weekend was jam-packed with plenty of stuff to do. poppa and kakki came to town on friday and brought these ginormous easter baskets full of goodies. despite the fact that there were swimming trunks and all sorts of toys in them, wes just wanted to eat the candy. william was close on his heels in that regard!

on saturday, we went to country club for the lunch and easter egg hunt that they have every year. they had a fire truck, a police car, jumpy things and games for the little people to play. it doesn't take much to entertain these two...

and, we actually got a picture with the easter bunny this year! this was a complete 180 from last year when a certain little kid would run away in fear screaming from the poor rabbit. that bunny got hugs and high fives from my two! who would have thought??

when it was time for the hunt, they were supposed to get 10 eggs each and quit. william had no problem with getting his quota.

poor wes apparently isn't scrappy enough. this is his lone egg that he ended up with! but, he didn't mind a bit. he was just as happy with that one egg as he would have been with 10!

after the hunt, snow cones added to the sugar high!

then we came home and crashed on the couch...

on sunday morning, the easter bunny left a few things to eat and play with before we headed off to church...

again, wes couldn't have cared less about the stuff in the basket. he just wanted the eggs!

before heading to church, i had to get a pic of the little people dressed in their sunday outfits. william was excited to show off his new watch. i was just glad that he didn't have to wear the bunny ears to church. and yes, i actually had sandals for wes to wear. but as we tried to squeeze his feet into them amid the screaming and squirming, i gave up and resigned myself to the fact that the kid just has fat feet. so, no sandals. just brown oxfords...on easter sunday. it was either that or maroon crocs.

but hey, he would have been cute in maroon crocs, too!


The Putnam Family said...

cute pics! i love the way you dress your boys...i'll be copying you in the future.

fyi - so funny how the same age kids want the same things...presley had a watch and stickers in her basket, too.

Lance and DK said...

red polka dots!