Wednesday, April 1, 2009

did i really just say that? (round 2)

1) "why is there spit on my floor?"

2) "the dishwasher is not a toy!"

3) "do not hit your brother with that robot!"

4) "yes, it is dark in my belly." "no, the baby doesn't care that it is dark." "yes, he is going to come out in a little while." "no, he is not getting out through my bellybutton." "go ask your daddy!"

5) "stop ramming that dump truck into my door!"

6) "i don't know where snot comes from."

7) "stop licking me! we don't lick people!"

8) "get your hands out of your pants." (with 4 boys in this house, i'm quite certain i'll be saying this for the rest of my life.)


Lance and DK said...

yeah, i bet it is drak in your tummy. never thought about that! kakki

Thomas & Amber Ryan said...


Lisa Trotter said...

Those are hysterical!!! I should probably do that but I know I won't remember the crazy things I say!!! Love reading this!! :)

jessica said...

this is freaking hilarious! i could totally hear the inflection in your voice and you saying all of those! wish you were my neighbor! love you!