Sunday, May 4, 2014

first recital

william started taking piano lessons at the beginning of this school year.  i wasn't sure about letting him start even though he has been asking for a year or two.  his ability to focus on one thing for any length of time is not stellar.....but when it comes to the piano, he proved me wrong!  i thought i would be begging him to practice, but he doesn't mind sitting down to work through his week's lesson and just dilly dally around.  he really enjoys it, and it's fun to see the smiles when accomplishes a hard piece!

he had his first recital this afternoon.  he had a few fans there.

the church where he was supposed to have the recital was hit by the tornado last week, so we had to move it to the school.  i wasn't sure about the recording capabilities since i didn't know if we were going to be in the gym or the hall, so i got him to play his piece for me a few days before at home.


he played it just like that at the recital except that he had to deal with falling trees!  the trees they had set up behind the piano as a backdrop started to slowly fall in the middle of his song.  instead of getting flustered, he just giggled his way through the song.  it was pretty funny!

william with his teacher, mrs. rish

and some happy brothers to be finished sitting through that recital!

i tried all day long to get a picture of these three, and most of them looked like something along these lines.

until i finally got a decent one...

i guess we'll call that decent.  ha!! year of piano is in the books.  i hope there are many more to follow!!

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