Sunday, May 11, 2014

the middle man is 7!

today, my middle man leaves the 6s behind.  we've been counting down for several weeks now.  don't you miss the days when everybody was so excited about YOUR birthday?  his brothers couldn't wait for his birthday to roll around.  the party isn't until this friday, but we were all pumped for today nonetheless!

(one day when he looks back at all his birthday pictures, he'll probably wonder if he ever wore clothes.)

(yeah.  probably not.)

the boy has been asking for a dog for several years now.  i finally talked his daddy into it, abe!

we actually gave him abe a few weeks early, and it's a good thing because it took some getting used to.  i wanted a rescue dog, but for the first little bit...we weren't so sure he wanted to be rescued!  he only, and i mean ONLY, liked me.  he would run from everybody, and he really hated chase.  he wouldn't go anywhere near him, and he growled and barked whenever chase walked in the room.  to be fair, it wasn't just chase.  it was all men.  but, the man that lives in this house was ready to pack him up and send him back!

but we gave him some time, and he's turned out to be a really sweet dog.  he loves everybody now...even chase.  and he is as happy as can be in the backyard when we are gone.  or when we are here!

he even hunkered down with us during the tornado!

poor dog doesn't know what he's gotten into!

but i'm pretty sure he knows he's loved, and there's one 7 year old that proves it to him every single day!

happy birthday, wes!  we love you!

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