Thursday, May 15, 2014

what i want to be when i grow up

the early childhood classes put on their end of the year play last week.  it was called "what i want to be when i grow up," and we had everything from garbage men to sailors to artists to the president!  the future president and a sailor reside at my house!

reed "is gonna be a sailor in the US navy when i grow up."  as long as they accept complete goofballs into the navy, he'll be ok.  i don't know who he morphed into when he got on the stage, but it was hysterical.  he was singing as loud as he could.  and dancing.  y'all...the dancing.  i never expected this shy kid to put on the performance that he did, but he definitely did!

mr. sailor man got to introduce "my big brother, president wes henson!"

president wes nailed his lines and his solo in which he had to recite the names of all the presidents.  in order.  it must be nice to have a young brain!!!

this video is blurry, but you can hear him sing...

happy to be finished with the play!!!

i tried to get a picture of honey with the sailor and the president, but i don't know what it is about me with a camera.  impossible.

we'll have to work on our picture-taking abilities before we reach the white house!

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