Friday, April 25, 2014

easter week

well my camera or computer or camera cable or something to do with technology decided to not work on easter for me.  i could not for the life of me get my pictures off of my camera.  so....i did what any person that is highly intelligent does when they have technological problems.  i turned the computer off for a solid 5 days.  serves him right.  and when i turned it back on a few minutes ago, i had no problem getting my pictures off of my camera.  i'm a genius.

anyway, there were several egg hunts.

we spent the weekend in inverness.  we ate lots of good food, saw lots of friends, worked on our baseball skills at my old baseball field, had our usual cutthroat croquet match (complete with tears from the loser....i won't name any names), and played with a turkey.  yes...a turkey.  the game warden lives across the road from the baseball field.  as i was playing catcher, i commented that i thought i saw a turkey walking across the yard.  my dad informed me that i was crazy because turkeys don't just walk across yards.  that is until he turned around and saw it.  so we had to go over and see for ourselves.  someone had called the game warden because a person had dropped off a turkey in their yard, and it would not go away.  it was a domesticated turkey, y'all.  would you look at the feet on that thing?!?  only in the delta.

on easter morning, we took approximately 4385 pictures to try to get one of everyone looking nice.  i was still in my pjs at this point, so there was no family picture this year!

not too shabby!  william also played the piano in church for the first time and did a great job.  he informed me that he missed one b flat in "when i survey the wondrous cross," but "i bet nobody noticed!"

happy late easter!

"he is not here; he has risen, just as he said."  matthew 28:6

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