Wednesday, March 26, 2014

our own super bulldog weekend

chase was off last friday, so we got the little people out of school early and headed to starkville.  it was a beautiful day.  winter actually decided to go away that afternoon (unlike most of what we have had lately), so we took full advantage of it.

we started at the tennis courts.  we lost the doubles point in a tiebreaker, but we came back and beat lsu.  the fans were rowdy.

but tennis matches can be long for little people.  wes took to pulling out his teeth.

and once reed fell off the top row and landed on his head, i gave them the ok to just run around between the courts and the softball field.  a minute later.....we look up to find that wes has found a hole in the fence and all three are on one of the practice fields.  (note to self: build a practice field in your yard.  great fun.)

we did walk a few fields over and watch the big boys practice for a little bit.

and then we headed to the baseball game to watch us demolish a really good vandy team.

and it only cost us about $50 for hot dogs and nachos.  chase was ecstatic.  :)  but the bellies were full, the fans were happy, and everybody fell asleep within 10 minutes of getting on the road.  perfect day.  go dawgs!

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