Saturday, March 1, 2014

i'm back...

so, i had foot surgery about 2 weeks ago.  (in case you were wondering, i am quite obviously an orthopedic surgeon's dream!) it wasn't nearly as painful as the hand was, but all the lying around has killed me.  and anesthesia didn't like me this time either.  all in all....i felt a lot like reed watching one of william's basketball games!

i can't declare myself well, but i'm seeing improvement every day.  it hasn't been all bad.  i had lots of good nurses with the grandparents and chase.  he had to learn how to work the washing machine, but now he's an expert.  you gain lots of practice quickly around here with all the laundry that piles up!  and all the little people were quick to offer a hand.  wes saw me laugh at a commercial of a little boy playing the drums.  so he made me a's still sitting beside my bed!

he also took over some of daddy's chores since daddy was taking over mine!

in other random news, reed dressed up like a plumber one day for school.  excuse me....a "plunger man."

and when the plunger man brought home a bingo game from school....we had friday night bingo!  winners got hershey kisses.  either reed cheats somehow, or we need to take him to the casino.  that's one lucky little sucker!

i realize that was all very random, but it's hard to take pictures when you've spent the last two weeks lying around.  but mama's on the mend.  i know at least one person is very happy about that.  chase hasn't exactly loved all the folding of the clothes!  (maybe i should pretend to be in pain for a little longer!)

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