Friday, February 14, 2014

tupelo 2014

like everybody else everywhere, we have been watching a lot of the winter olympics over here.  we finally figured out curling, we decided that the skeleton people are just plain crazy, and we've yet to figure out how they can possibly show so much ice skating.  if you'll check out the people in the bleachers at the ice skating events....even they look bored.  

anyway, i'm not one to take pictures of my kids' lego creations, but i have to give creative genius points where they are due.  we now have a complete lego olympic stadium.  welcome to tupelo 2014!

the torch

speed skating





 ice dancing

ski jumping

the biathlon (there are even 5 little targets for them shoot)

the medal podium

and don't worry....we may be behind in the medal count in sochi.  but the americans have won every single event here in tupelo!  go USA!

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