Monday, February 3, 2014

super bowl fun

last friday before the super bowl, all the little people had super bowl day at school.  the different grades were assigned to dress in the colors of the broncos or the seahawks.  then they competed in different games in the gym before heading to the classrooms for parties.

reed was a bronco.  little dude got a good roll on his football toss and scored a point for his team!

wes was a seahawk.

(sam, wes, collins, and bristo)

(wes, sam, and sam)

i didn't manage to get any pictures of william, but he was a bronco, too.  after the punting competition, the seahawks squeaked out a win.  it definitely wasn't a drubbing like the actual super bowl.  but at least there were no wardrobe malfunctions to be concerned about, and i did have one kid come home happy!

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