Sunday, December 29, 2013

i cried.

it started like any other drop off, gym, the daily trip to kroger.  but, that trip to kroger is where things got interesting.  somewhere in the midst of that kroger trip, my wallet got lost/stolen/just disappeared.  i am a very organized person.  i'm not saying that i couldn't lose something, but it's not in my nature to lose things.  especially important things!!  so i did what everybody would have done.  i called my deli lady to come help me! :) doesn't everybody have the cell phone of the lady that gets your turkey?  no….well, i do.  and bless her bones, miss charlotte is one of my favorite people.  she helped me looked in the store.  she helped me look in the parking lot.  she just helped me look.  but we looked for nothing….it was gone.

i left my phone number at the customer service desk in case someone turned it in, but i knew it was for naught.  and as i drove home and thought about somebody's grubby hands all over my stuff, i felt sick.  i felt violated.  i felt angry.  i cried.  i'm not a crier.  sure, i cry at movies, and hand surgery brought on more than a few tears, but i'm not a situational crier.  i don't know what came over me.  i think it bothered me that i just didn't have any idea what happened.  part of me would have felt better if some guy had come up and just said, "give me your wallet."  at least then i would have known what had happened.  i was also bothered by the fact that i NEVER have any money on me.  like ever!  360 days out of the year i have two whole dollars to my name.  i have had to tell my neighbor that i don't have change for $10 before.  never have money.  but this day, i had $60 in my wallet.  reed had been on a field trip to memphis a few days prior, and i had gotten some money out of the bank in case i needed it for something.  now somebody's grubby hands were all over my money.  my poor husband could not understand why i was crying.  "would you calm down?  it's just a wallet!" that didn't help.  but i got it together and sat down in the kitchen to cancel two credit cards and one debit card.

let's back up.  bancorpsouth has some fancy new website.  instead of just letting you login to pay bills or balance your checkbook, you have to change your password for their new secure site.  well, you can't just change your password…you have to call them to do it.  for the love.  the day before my wallet went MIA, i spent one hour and ten minutes on hold for a lady who changed my password in 90 seconds flat.  obviously, everybody is having issues with the new password law.  or they only have one lady working the phone line.  so, the next day i sat down and looked at the number that i was supposed to call to cancel my debit card, and guess what???  it was the same freakin' number that i had called and waited on hold for over an hour.  i cried.

and then i just hung up and called the other number for the other card.  "we're sorry.  all representatives are busy.  please try again later." click.  how in the $%#! am i supposed to get anything done if i can't talk to a person on the phone.  why is this so hard??!?   guess what?  i cried.

so….i get in the car and drive to the bank to take care of one of the cards.  it's the one that we use only for medical/pharmacy stuff.  anyway, i sit down across the desk from a lady and tell her my story. she says ok.  she asks for my i.d.  well if i had an i.d., i would still have my wallet and not be in need of her services, right?  so then she asks for my social.  and then she gives me a weird look, and she says, "this account only has your husband's name on it.  so, i'm not going to be able to help you."  i cried.  y'all, i lost it right there up in that bank.  "somebody is walking around with my wallet.  i have called every single customer service number that i have only to be told that nobody can help me.  now i'm sitting across from a living, breathing person, and you can't help me either??!? what on earth do you want me to do?"  i'm not sure she had ever seen such a display.  her eyes got wide and she told me to call chase and have him call her right then.  so when he called, she said, "i'm not supposed to do this over the phone, but my goodness, your wife is sitting here crying, and i just have to help her." haha.  maybe i should try this crying thing more often!

after doing the same thing at the other bank (because remember nobody has a customer service line that actually offers customer service), i had to go to the highway patrol to get a new license.  i almost cried before i walked in because we all know you can't get out of there in less than an hour.  but i had to tell God "thank you" when i walked out of there only 4 minutes after i walked in the door.  i'm sure that will never happen again, but i'm certain He felt sorry for me at that point in the day!

i was spent the rest of the day, and my stomach still hurts when i think about somebody with my stuff.  chase has assured me that they took my money and tossed the rest of it.  he says they have no need for my lenny's card, my sam's card or my barnes and noble card.  true, but it was mine.  and it's distressing that SOMEBODY'S GRUBBY HANDS WERE ON MY STUFF!


several different things happened that shined some perspective back on my situation.  the most recent being the death of a police officer here in town who confronted a bank robber.  a 38 year old husband and father to two young kids.  a cancer diagnosis.  a car wreck.  a friend's mom who was struck with a brick and suffered a broken hip during a robbery.  a three month old little girl who lost her life to RSV.

perspective.  today i am grateful for perspective.

as i sat in the kitchen confronted by these situations, i thought about the meaningless pieces of plastic that i was so worked up about.

and i cried.

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Anne Flanagan said...

These posts are the reason you should write a book. Sorry about your wallet, but grateful that's all it was. You're right.... perspective.