Sunday, December 22, 2013


the last week of school of this semester, we finished up with two different christmas plays.  both william and wes were angels.  william was an angel in the angel choir for his play.  he sang and danced his little angel heart out!

with his other angel friends….bounds and stuart.

wes' class recited and acted out luke 2.  he was the angel of the lord.  he recited his part perfectly, and he was super excited about being able to wield a sword!  ha!

even the angel of the lord has to take a break before a big production!

he even sang!!  he's a multi-talented angel.  :)

these two angels didn't have a play, but they did party it up in their classroom!

and now, we are going to try to survive christmas break!  with all of the legos headed our way, that should be a fairly easy task!

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