Thursday, December 19, 2013


1.  last week, we headed to memphis for a field trip.  reed's class went to the enchanted forest at the pink palace.  i think the highlights for him were playing with an airplane in the gift shop and riding the escalators.  ha!!

all that excitement wore these two buddies out, and they crashed on the way home!  this is reed's best friend at school, haddon.

2.  we came home that night and froze at our christmas parade.  it was a big deal this year because the budweiser clydesdales were here.  i didn't get a good picture of them because i assumed they would be at the very end as the big finale, so i wasn't ready when they showed up as the third thing in the parade!    they were pretty cool, however!

the boy section was excited, and they didn't stay seated on this curb for long!

3.  we had our church christmas program on wednesday night.  this is one of my favorite services of the year as we celebrate jesus' birthday.  i took a picture before we left, and you can tell by looking at it exactly why i had three different pictures on my christmas card this year.  that little one makes it impossible to take a picture of all 3!

4.  mississippi state came to tupelo to play a basketball game one night.  we couldn't pass up that opportunity.  it was the first time that i have seen us play this year, and y'all….we are not good.  it's tough when your team is bad.  and we are bad.  but the friends and the cotton candy were really good!

5.  william made a gingerbread house stacked some crackers and ate a bunch of candy on one of the last days of school before christmas break.  it nearly drove my OCD self over the edge!!

one more day of school full of parties and the christmas break can officially begin!

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