Saturday, December 7, 2013


the day after thanksgiving, we did what everybody else (who waits until after thanksgiving) does the day after thanksgiving….put up christmas decorations.  i use the term decorations loosely because while some people's halls are decked, we have a tree.  well a tree, a mantle, and a few nativity scenes.  but wes henson thinks it's the best thing ever, and he, of course, has drawn several christmas scenes to tape up on random walls throughout the house.  it gives a fresh, new meaning to "deck the halls."  after we got the tree in place, each kid got to open his ornament for the year.

wes got a mint chocolate chip ice cream eating chipmunk.  if you know him, this is the most appropriate ornament ever!

william got a penguin basketball player.  he has developed a new love this winter, but that's a different post!

reed got dusty crophopper.  it's all we can do to keep it on the tree instead of in his hands flying around the house.

wes has somehow turned into the nativity scene decorator each year, so he took over those duties again.

and when he was done, it looked like all the people and animals were super happy to see baby jesus again this year.  if i was mary, i think i'd have to tell all those visitors to back on up and make sure i passed around the germ x.

this time last year, we also had to go get some stitches, so at least we are ahead in that department this year.  i'm not saying how long that will last, but at least we're all smiles so far!

happy christmas season, y'all!

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