Thursday, August 8, 2013


earlier this week, wes got to be a superstar!  his color the weather picture was the winner, so he was featured on the 6pm news in these parts.  he was a little confused because "we never saw william's picture on t.v.!" poor middle kid.  he is so used to following in somebody's footsteps.  so i was really excited for him that he "won" this time!  and you should have seen the smile that spread across his face when he heard matt laubhan (our weather boy....not weather man....he can't be over 14 years old) say his name!  

the t.v. didn't agree with the flash on the camera, so you get two pics.  

the smile....

the picture...complete with "boom!"

it was funny because that afternoon we had a wicked thunderstorm pop up really quickly that caused some damage along with crazy lightning that left it's mark on quite a few trees around here.  so he was right on cue!  :) 

way to go, wes!!  

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