Saturday, August 17, 2013


on thursday, william had a birthday.  somehow, he went from this 3 year old guy with perfect little baby teeth...

to a tall, skinny 8 year old!

the morning started off as a typical birthday morning with presents and cupcakes for breakfast.

we managed to get in a silly string fight before school, too!

he requested shipley's donuts and popcorn for his classroom celebration.  i'm sure there's nothing more fun than a bunch of 2nd graders hyped up on donuts for the afternoon.  sorry, mrs. noland!!

and of all the places to choose from for his birthday supper, he picked....wait for it....connie's.  a fried chicken joint.  but look at that plate!  he knows what he likes!

we topped the celebration off with some friends last night and went to eat mexican and to the movies to see Planes.

happy #8, william!!

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Kathryn said...

Can't believe he's eight!! Happy birthday William!!