Tuesday, August 6, 2013

it's back!

summer is officially over.  i'll admit, i was worried at the end of the last school year just what in the world i was supposed to do with all these people this summer.  but as it turns out, we all made it just fine without killing each other.  it might have gotten a little close a time or two, but we're still here!

 i don't like starting school this early.  i've mentioned that before.  but i'd rather deal with early august because i really don't like the idea of going to school into the month of june next year when we start the 3rd week of august because our ridiculous legislature thinks that EVERYBODY WILL GO TO THE BEACH if we start school later!  what?!?!  get a clue, people.  nobody wants to take first semester exams after christmas break.  and nobody's first thought is, "hey!  we've got two weeks here.  let's spend a couple thousand dollars and go to the beach. i mean, we didn't get to go in june because we were still in school."  where are all the normal people with common sense?  i need to run for president.

anyway, this morning marked the first day of the new year around here.  everybody ate breakfast and was fired up to go.  except wes...who crawled back in the bed after he finished eating.  but hey, 2 out of 3 is pretty good, right?  and he was really excited once he woke up for good.  he's just not a morning person.  and i dread the high school years!

reed, K4

wes, pre-1st

william, 2nd

making our way into school!

miss wanda, reed, and miss christy

wes and mrs. vaughn

mrs. noland and william

bring on the homework and the projects.  let's do this thing and enjoy the "normal" year.  next year at this time we'll be spending our money improving the economy on the beach!  or eating popsicles in the backyard waiting on school to start!  :)

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May said...

Two things I cannot get my head around: one, your boys are getting SO BIG! I must have been following your blog for longer than I realised because I'm sure last time I checked, Reed was still a baby. Goodness. And two, school starts in August?! School starts in September here, and universities start in October quite often. I've always had the whole of August off. But we don't finish til mid-July, which I guess is because of the weather differences.