Saturday, August 24, 2013

saturday scramble

it took us a little while, but we finally figured out a system to make it work smoothly out on the golf course!!  put the little people on the same team!!  the last few weekends, we have taken them out and let them scramble for a prize....a powerade, a kit kat, whatever they can think up.  i come up with a number, and if they can beat it....they can claim their prize.  if not, they come home empty handed!  and since they are on the same team, nobody can blame anybody and they even cheer for each other!  genius.  today's prize was a slush.  

it came down to the last putt....a 3 footer!  i think wes may have prayed over it.  (that boy does love a slush.) 

but william stepped up and sank it for the win!  that made for some happy little people!  

enjoying the victory...

next up, i am going to see how being on the same team works for cleaning up the playroom!!  :) 

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