Saturday, March 30, 2013

the decorating of the eggs

we got outside on friday before the rain came and dyed our eggs for the year.  i see all these pictures of people dying their eggs inside.  in their kitchen.  on their table.  they obviously haven't met my children.  therefore, we dye outside!!!  but we might be making progress...this was the first year that no dye was spilled.  miracles do happen, y'all!

this is also the first year that they have wanted to use that shrink wrap stuff that goes around the egg.  wes thought he had to blow on the egg while the hair dryer blew the egg.  it made no sense whatsoever, and i couldn't get him to quit blowing while he did it.  wish i had a video to remember that!

the easiest, most successful egg-dying day ever!!

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