Tuesday, March 5, 2013

thank goodness for ramen noodles

imagine this....
i go to kroger on a saturday and stock up on everything from turkey to toothpaste.  they are out of milk.  how is a grocery store ever out of milk?  it's beyond me, but we can't function without several gallons of milk at all times because, hello?  cereal doesn't work without milk.  chocolate milk doesn't work without milk.  oreos don't work without milk.  my children don't work without milk.  so....i go back to kroger on sunday to get some milk.  and then i remember that wes has to take snack on monday.  so i get snacks while i am there, too.  so, the snack and milk problem is solved.  

on monday morning, the dear, sweet husband tells me that he needs some evaporated milk and mouthwash and deodorant.  because apparently he didn't notice that i went to the store the last TWO days, and he felt that i needed to make an appearance yet again.  in case you don't remember, i hate wal mart, so if i can get it at kroger...i will.  plus, they double coupons.  anyway, monday morning after i get some stress out at the gym, i walk back in kroger to the amazement of the sushi guy standing there who sees me more than his own family because yeah...i live at kroger.  i get the needed items, and yes i do consider mouthwash and deodorant necessities for the husband.  i could do without evaporated milk, but i'm not sure i'd want to live with a husband who didn't get his coffee like he wanted it in the mornings.  that would be like telling me to drink my chocolate milk without the chocolate.  while i'm there, i notice the easter M&Ms are on display.  you can't just walk by the easter M&Ms.  the holiday M&Ms are the absolute best.  i don't know why they taste better than the regular ones, but they so do.  and one of my friends and i decided that the easter pastel ones are the best.  so i had to grab a few bags of those as well.  yay for easter M&Ms!  so after i get a quick shower, i head to pick up reed at school.  as he climbs in the car singing the all-time classic "twinkle, twinkle traffic light," i notice a note stapled to his bag.  said note is informing me that reed is in charge of snack for wednesday.  cuss word!  

so here it is tuesday, and i am about to go to kroger for the 4th time in 4 days!  i gave you all of that background to explain why we will be living in a tent in the near future.  aside from the fact that i go to the grocery store every day of my life....it seems that the cost of everything in that grocery store goes up from one day to the next!  it is so stinking expensive to feed my people.  people who are starving 1 hour after they eat a meal.  people who eat pb and j sandwiches in the middle of the day to hold them over.  people who eat bowls of cereal after supper so they don't starve while sleeping.  it makes me wonder...what's more important...college or supper???  kidding.  kind of.  

however, there is a bright spot in the midst of all the hunger over here.  reed has a favorite meal.  and without hesitation, he will tell you every time that he is hungry that he wants "noodles."  ramen noodles. without a doubt the cheapest thing in all of kroger.  and then he pulls up a chair and stares longingly at the microwave while he waits.  he's a little obsessed.  

if i could talk everybody else into eating ramen noodles once a day, maybe everybody will still be able to go college.  or maybe kroger will just let us pitch our tent in their parking lot.  

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Heather Wood said...

This reminds me of a patient story from one of Arthur's med school friends. He had to go into the room to tell this woman she had cancer. It was his first attempt at this dreaded revelation as he was only 3rd year med student. He goes in the room and tells her and she just stares at him like he is dumb. After a long awkward pause, she replies "You can't be right. I only eat ramen noodle." True story. For some reason she thought if she stuck to a strict ramen noodle diet, she wouldn't get cancer. And I'm not sure she left there convinced that she had cancer. Sorry, weird story, but it just made me think of it when you brought up noodles.