Sunday, March 17, 2013

field trippin'

wes and william both got a little field trip time in before spring break.  wes' class visited the fire station, the airport and burger king.  i don't think burger king can actually be considered a part of the field trip, but they did enjoy that playground!!

his favorite part was the airport.  we have a company here in town that demolishes out-of-comission airplanes.  they got to get on one of the gigantic ones and hear about how they take them apart.  it was pretty interesting even if it was about 40 below zero!!

and yes...reed thought he was actually in kindergarten, too!  :)

the next day, i went with william's class to the children's museum of memphis.  maybe i have an engineer of some sort on my hands.  he spent the majority of his time building and shooting paper airplanes and controlling a dam on the model mississippi river to flood the low lying areas.

or maybe i just have a monkey!

what a great way to begin spring break!

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