Friday, March 29, 2013


who ever came up with the idea of hiding eggs?  they should be given an award of some sort.  every year after they attend the first egg hunt of the year, my kids become obsessed with hiding and finding them.  they've each had hunts at their school, and they have taken turns hiding them in the backyard for each other.  and inside for me.  and they recruited all of our neighbors for hunts.  so kudos to you, mr. easter egg hunt inventor!

reed was first up at his school yesterday.

it's a right of passage to for my kids to get those bunny ears.  and not wear them correctly!!

there was rain in the forecast at the beginning of the week, so wes' party was scheduled to be at jump.  it ended up not raining, but it was a great place for an easter party.  they hid eggs inside all the jumpy things, and they had a blast.  i couldn't get him to be still for a picture until it was time to eat.

i missed william's class hunt, but they had an egg toss at swim practice yesterday.  he and jack only made it to the second round!  neither of them wanted egg on them!

and now if you'll excuse me, i have exactly 25 eggs to find in our backyard before the rain gets here!!  happy hunting!

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